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Male Artist Type 1-2 Emoji  visualize your to-dos, face your goals and beat the bar!  Right Facing Fist EmojiCollision Symbol Emoji

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Apple Reminders visualized using progress bars

European Castle Emoji  keep what has proven its worth.

Keep relying on Apple Reminders - the app you already love. Progress provides you with the visualization on top.

Progress relies on Apple Reminders

Chequered Flag Emoji  know how you're doing.   Turtle Emoji

Visualize the journey towards your personal goals in easy understandable bar charts.

Progress Bar Chart for Apple Reminders

Revolving Hearts Emoji focus on what matters to you. 

Analyze your habits, keep track of your goals or simply visualize your remaining to-dos of an important project; Progress is highly configurable and adapts to your needs.

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Hundred Points Symbol Emoji stay engaged.

Use the Today Widgets to stay engaged. Widgets are available for weekly and monthly timespans.

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