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  • Goals or Habits?


    The difference between goals and habits - and for which one you should strive for.

    Let’s face it: We all have goals - and we all procrastinate. Some goals are haunting us for years: Remember the language you wanted to learn? Or the book you wanted to read? For some reason we keep ourselves busy doing other stuff; whether it’s eating out with friends, watching this hot new series on Netflix or doing our Job - it’s hard to make progress on your goals without getting distracted by the overwhelming possibilities and responsibilities in your daily life.

  • The story behind Progress


    How a birds eye view for Apple Reminders helps you to keep on track.

    If you found Progress for Apple Reminders, chances are good you are already familiar with “Getting Things Done” - David Allens Methodology of how to appropriately get shit done. I’m a big fan of the core principles of this methodology also known as the GTD Five Steps.

  • How to keep yourself accountable


    You are using Apple Reminders for your to-dos? There is something to help you out!

    A new year has just started and we got a bunch of good resolutions for it. But how shall we keep ourselves accountable in 2019? If you are using Apple Reminders to organize your daily to-dos, then there is something hot around the corner to help you out!