A new year has just started and we got a bunch of good resolutions for it. But how shall we keep ourselves accountable in 2019? If you are using Apple Reminders to organize your daily to-dos, then there is something hot around the corner to help you out!

Progress Bar Chart for Apple Reminders

The idea is simply to visualize what you’re already familiar with: Apple Reminders. Keep track of your progress by defining individual goals based on either one to-do list - or search for specific terms in your to-dos over all available lists:

Edit Report for Apple Reminders

Once you’ve set your goals you can easily keep yourself accountable with reports you come accross every time you visit your home screen: Just add the corresponding Today Widget and your all set:

Progress Bar Chart for Apple Reminders in a Today Widget

Let’s start chasing your goals for 2019!

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Marco Betschart

Marco Betschart loves the never ending journey of exploration, self growth and tech evolution.