It’s a mystery we all need to accept at some point: Getting started seems like the hardest thing to do - where else keep things rollin’ seems rather easy in comparison.

That’s why we get stuck in our comfort zone, adhere to bad habits or can’t seem to find some spare time to start this long-overdue project we had in mind for years.

And there is another ingrained part of human psychology: The mere act of doing creates an emotional impact in you.

You’re more likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action. - Dr. Jerome Bruner

Next time you lurking around and wear a pajama all day long keep this in mind: Your behaviour highly affects the reasoning why you don’t feel like starting this long-overdue project on such a day.

Also keep this in mind when you start to feel bad about your lack of achievement: Such terrible feelings can lead to even more harmful behavior - and before you knew it you are trapped in your own, self-made negative momentum.

To break free, you need to acknowledge that your behavior is not part of your personality. It’s just that: A behavior. No more, no less. And a behavior can be chosen:

Instead of lurking around in a pajama, choose to dress yourself properly. Don’t wait until you feel motivated to get started, choose to get started straight away with a little twist:

Allow yourself a break after 20 minutes to observe your feelings. If you’re still struggling to motivate you by then, allow you to quit for the day and try again another day.

You’ll be surprised how fast 20 minutes are over and you’ll likely find yourself keep going. And if you really don’t feel motivated enough to keep going: That’s fine! You should be proud of you anyways, since you managed to get started - which was the hardest part after all!

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Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Marco Betschart

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