Big thanks to all Beta Testers for their testing effort. I got a lot of positive feedback as well as some criticism. This release is the first attempt blending your feedback into the product.

Here’s what’s new in v0.7.0

Celebrate your wins

Progress is now able to send you push notifications once you reached a goal. You can enable this on a per report basis by switching on the newly added “Notifications” setting.

Please note: Notifications are sent in the background to save battery life. It may take some time for Progress to celebrate with you.

Improved User Experience

A lot of people were confused by the user experience of the app. I made a first attempt on improving this by adding an “Add” button on the report creation page in the upper right corner. This should make it easy now to understand how and when a newly created report is saved.

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Marco Betschart

Marco Betschart loves the never ending journey of exploration, self growth and tech evolution.