I’m incredible happy to announce this release: It’s the immediate result of all your feedback and thoughts. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Here’s what’s new in v0.8.1

All new report form

The report form has an all new design: By providing a live preview on top and descriptions below each section the whole configuration experience became a whole lot better. You are now even able to instantly see how the report is affected by each setting.

All new Today-Widget

My decision to create one Today-Widget per period lead to a lot of confusion amongst users. In this release I’m addressing this with the all new “Status” Today-Widget. It’s capable to show all of your reports in the same Widget. Simply enable “Show in Today-Widget” in your report and add the “Status” Widget to the Today-Screen - and you’re all set. This works for all periods - even for “overall”!

Minor fixes and improvements

The following areas also got some love:

  • Emojis do no longer have any text shadow.
  • “Search term” is displayed exactly like the input.
  • Improved memory handling of Today-Widget to avoid “Unable to load” system errors.
  • Fixed bug which prevent disabling Notifications.
  • Added a GIPHY attribution to the push notifications

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Marco Betschart

Marco Betschart loves the never ending journey of exploration, self growth and tech evolution.