The new version of Progress for Apple Reminders is ready! Apart from the usual bugfixes it comes with a neat new feature, which hopefully provides a huge impact on your overall achievement score:

Receive notifications along the way

If you turn on the notifications feature for a report, you will now receive notifications along the way to keep you motivated! 🎉🎉

The notifications are sent somewhen after 3pm1. This way you are able to correct course for the following days if needed. Depending on how far away your deadline is you are either notified at the end of the week or daily.

If you are using the overall period please make sure you are also set a deadline for the report. Otherwise Progress is not able to calculate whether you’re on track or not.

1 the exact time of delivery ultimately depends on iOS. The system takes various criteria into account such as battery life or internet connection quality. In any case you should receive the notifications somewhen between 3 - 10pm.

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Marco Betschart

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