The new version of Progress for Apple Reminders just left the building! This time it’s a small one, where I focused primarily on one thing: Creating an App Review.

Creating an App Review

I love to put you in charge to steer the direction of where Progress is heading. Thus, I wanted to make the conversation about the good, the bad and the ugly (if any) publicly available. By creating App Reviews, you can help any App Store Visitor to decide whether Progress is the right fit for their use case or not - and at the same time you’re providing me useful insights about which features or bugs to tackle next!

How it works

You can publish your opinion about Progress by tapping “…” in the upper left corner and then “Review in App Store”.

As long as you didn’t create any App Review, Progress will request you to create one - but don’t worry, it does it in a quite modest way. The request is displayed only if:

  • you did not create an App Review yet
  • and you are using Progress for more than five days
  • and you worked already quite a bit with Progress
  • and the last prompt is more than 100 days ago

This is it for now. App Reviews. That’s v1.1. Please leave an App Review as soon as you find some time, it would mean the world to me!

UPDATE: “You must own this item to write a Customer Review”

It’s not you, it’s me. I made a mistake. Read on if you get an “You must own this item to write a Customer Review” error message.

Turns out Apple treats apps installed using promo codes different than regular app downloads:

When a user has used a promo code to download the app, Apple treats them as not ‘owning’ the app. Only if a user chooses to download an app normally from the store does it work. Once a promo code has been used, it is not possible for that user to submit a review at all.

That said, don’t worry if you encounter this error - it only means you installed the app with a promo code. You still have and always will get free updates for Progress. I was simply not aware of this subtle difference and I’m sorry for any inconvinience this may caused.

Of course you’re still able to reach out with any question or feedback you may have by writing an E-Mail to:

Download on the App Store

Marco Betschart

Marco Betschart loves the never ending journey of exploration, self growth and tech evolution.