Neither big bells and whistles nor new features this time. Just ordinary improvements. With this update it’s safe to say we are fully in line with the Zombieland rule #32: “Enjoy the little things”.

🌟 Swift 5

The upgrade to Swift 5 is undeniably the biggest change in this release. From a user perspective you won’t notice any difference for now. Here’s what Apple has to say about the benefits of Swift 5:

… the Swift runtime is now built into iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS … Users who download an app built with Swift from the App Store will get a smaller app and a faster download. - Apple

🐞 Delete confirmation when adding a report

Under certain circumstances a delete confirmation dialog was shown while the user was adding a report. Obviously this leads to a lot of confusion. This bug has been fixed.

🐞 Number as goal for report with “overall” period

If the user set a custom number as goal for a report with the “overall” period, the user defined number was ignored. Instead Progress wrongly calculated the score of all available reminders and assumed this is the goal the user wants to achieve. This behaviour has been fixed.

Progress v1.2 - this is it. As always, if you have any question or feedback just drop me a line:

If you use Apple Reminders to organise your to-do lists, Progress for Apple Reminders can help you to achieve what you want. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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