If you found Progress for Apple Reminders, chances are good you are already familiar with “Getting Things Done” - David Allens Methodology of how to appropriately get shit done. I’m a big fan of the core principles of this methodology also known as the GTD Five Steps.

First, David advices to “capture all the things … in a logical and trusted system outside of your head” as well as “filing has to be instantaneous and easy”.

Now, put on your Apple-Universe-Glasses and think about Davids advice for a second. Can you see it? Which App in the Apple universe does fit this description?

Apple Reminders App Icon

Exactly, Apple Reminders is the perfect match! It is a “trusted system outside of your head”, is available for all Apple platforms and is - through the Share Action - reachable in nearly every App. So one can safely say Apple Reminders is “instantaneous and easy”.

That’s why I keep track of everything in Apple Reminders. Regardless if professional or private. Don’t be misled: Apple Reminders isn’t a project management software. It doesn’t have a lot of features. But it does one thing extremely well: Keeping things simple. In 90% of all times I just want to keep track of an idea which can be expressed with a title, description and maybe a link. Sometimes I also want to be reminded of this idea later on, or at a specific location. That’s all. And this is exactly where Apple Reminders excels.

However, there is something all of the to-do systems out there have in common: The more to dos you add, the easier it gets to loose track. Do you know the feeling, that you loose a lot of time wrangling with your to-do system, instead of actually getting shit done? That you should work on something else instead of what is in front of you? Or even worse: That you lost control?

Then you know exactly what I’m talking about. And that’s the reason, why I came up with Progress for Apple Reminders: It’s a simple way to visualize the big picture. To either became confident at what you do or to become visually aware when things start to go wrong.

Think of it as your personal Lookout, who reports if the stuff you are doing is in line with your goals - or if you are going to hit some major problem if you don’t correct the course.

Progress for Apple Reminders Edit Report

In Progress for Apple Reminders you can add any kind of reports you like, with or without fixed time periods. For me, breaking down my most important goals to recurring sub-goals (aka. habits) based on a weekly or monthly time period works best. I’ll display these in the available Today Widget and the Widget always reminds me of whats important and if I’m on track. To see it, I simply swipe to the Today Screen.

Progress for Apple Reminders Today Widget

This is it. The story behind Progress for Apple Reminders and how I use it to achieve my personal and professional goals - while feeling confident on my journey. Give Progress for Apple Reminders a try and let me know what you think. Looking forward hearing from you!

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